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Weekly Wrap #32: Pizza Arbitrage, Bed Photographers and Maggots

DoorDash, and Airbnb listed this week. Each saw their valuation skyrocket above their IPO price on their first day of trading - DoorDash by 83% (around US$70 billion), by 174% ($11 billion) and Airbnb by 113% (nearly $100 billion).

That’s too many mega IPOs for one wrap to cover. Sorry, but your measly $11 billion valuation means you’re cut from here on out (and founder Siebel was already a billionaire so 🤷‍♀️) - read more about here if you like.

DoorDash’s IPO minted three new billionaires: CEO Tony Xu, aged 36 is now worth $3 billion, and fellow cofounders Andy Fang, 28, and Stanley Tang, 27, are now worth $2 billion each.

Meanwhile, news of Airbnb’s share price left its founder, Brian Chesky speechless. Chesky and his two cofounders more than doubled their net worth in one day to around $10 billion each.


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