Use the Startup Mindset to grow your business

We’re here to help you challenge the status quo and get outcomes, fast. 


By Startup Mindset we don't mean 'move to agile' or 'fail fast'

These are the five Startup Mindset principles that drive our work.

Obsess over your customers

Know your customers and their pain points, deeply. Always keep close to them to anticipate shifts in demand & the market.

Embrace the squiggly line

Be open to adapt and flex to situations as things change. Focus on the end goal not on a set pathway.

Use data to your advantage

Don’t boil the ocean: identify your signals from the noise, and make smart, pragmatic decisions that will get you on a path to action, quickly.

Don’t compromise on people

A team with right mindset and skills are key to achieving your goals. Invest to build the team, and move decisively when things aren’t working. 

Have a bias for action

Be proactive in making decisions. Build momentum towards execution as this is where you’ll get results.


We apply our experience from building high-growth tech companies to unlock potential in your business



Design a technology strategy

We want to understand how technology can deliver a competitive advantage.

Create a culture of innovation  

We want to build an organisation that embraces innovation and technology across all business functions. 

Build a technology blueprint

We see technology as an enabler and want to use it to leapfrog competitors. 

Conduct tech due diligence

We want to invest in tech but don't know how to assess or prioritise it.


Develop a product strategy

We want to be a scalable business but we are stuck delivering bespoke projects & features.

Build our product management  capability

We want to build products that our customers can’t live without. 

Assess product-market fit 

Our product strategy is not delivering our commercial goals. 

Design a product demand & delivery model 

We need to bring more rigour to how we prioritise  and commercialise new products or solutions.



Develop  a go-to-market strategy 

We have early customers but need to get traction in market.

Design a  growth blueprint

We have a lot to do to accelerate growth but need to figure out where to focus to get maximum return.

Optimise pricing & packaging

We are achieving success and want to review our pricing to ensure we optimise for long-term value.

Redesign the sales function & processes

Our sales function is not scalable or delivering results that we are expecting.


We empower ambitious people to unlock businesses of the future

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“Ignition Lane have been able to synthesise our market positioning and value proposition in a way that even industry experts like Gartner couldn’t.”


Founder & CEO - Encapto

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“Ignition Lane helped us to
create alignment and a clear, strategic direction for our
products and the broader
Mondo Geospatial team.”


General Manager - Mondo Geospatial


“Ignition Lane gave us clarity and guidance to support fast, informed decision making on investment hypothesis. We still refer to the work today.”


CEO - The Wine Collective