Operators, not career consultants

Fuelled by curiosity, we’ve built our expertise and refined our craft based on unconventional career paths
Gavin Appel

Founder & CEO

Nikki Brown


Bex Eastwood


We’ve broken free of traditional consulting

We bring our experience in big tech, high-growth startups & VC to solve your biggest technology, product and commercialisation challenges. 

You’ll work with tech experts, not just experts in consulting.

We work with principles built from experience, not one size fits all theoretical frameworks.

We advise you like it’s our own business because we’ve been in your shoes.

You’ll get a pragmatic & outcome-focused team that will get you fast results.


These principles guide us 
every day

They drive the way we work, how we choose the work we do, and who we do it for. 

Relationships are everything. We care about people and we aren’t transactional

We want everyone who meets us to be inspired by our energy and commitment

We never compromise on quality of our work or the people we work with

We’re trustworthy and genuine in a world where that’s increasingly hard to find

Tech moves fast; we always need to learn and evolve

Ignition Lane work life