Nikki Brown


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I started out as an accidental management consultant,  eventually making my way to Cambridge Uni where I landed a gig running Reid Hoffman’s entrepreneurship social enterprise. I quickly caught the tech bug.

Soon after, I worked in big tech, ecommerce, and even tried to launch an early food delivery startup (timing is everything!). But I found my calling as head of ops & commercial in SaaS startups.

There’s nothing like being at the heart of a high growth tech startup that is taking off like a rocket. It’s changed everything about how I view all businesses. 

Live or die decisions are made at lightning speed, and you learn everything about launching products, growing your team & customer base, and competing in the market - both locally and internationally.

When you’re scaling your team and revenue so fast, you’re always looking to work with the most cutting-edge technologies and implementing the most  innovative business models because getting results quickly and efficiently is everything. 

I get really excited about working with companies who have a great product and really love their customers, but need new perspective to help bring those things together to be better, faster and more successful. 

I believe that no matter how small, big, new or established you are, if you stay close to your customers, you’ll always be in the game. 

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